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Current Exhibits

We are pleased to present Neil Rizos: The Art of Exploration this fall, on display from September 15 –December 10, 2017.  The exhibit features over fifty works of art depicting birds, reflecting Neil Rizos’ life-long exploration of art and nature.  Rizos works in a variety of media, including bronze sculptures, paintings, drawings, pastels, etchings, lithographs and woodcuts.

For more than 25 years, Rizos has pursued his interest in birds, art and the natural world.   He has travelled widely, participating in bird research projects with public and private agencies in North America and Europe.  In 2016, he was invited to Austria to observe the European Union’s Northern Bald Ibis reintroduction program.  He has been recognized with numerous awards and artist residencies, and his work is in notable private and public collections internationally, including the United States Library of Congress.

Nashville Warbler

Speaking of his recent work, Rizos says, “Birds are the starting point of my artistic journey.  Although the species are often recognizable, my purpose is not to copy appearances. Rather, my intention is to make my personal, interior experience visible in a way that engages the viewer deeply; moving through form into that which cannot be grasped, only experienced.”

African Crowned Eagle

From September 20-22, he will be available in the RTPI galleries each day between 10:00am and 4:00 pm.  On September 22nd at 5:00pm there will be an opening artist’s reception at RTPI, and at 6:30pm, Rizos will give a public presentation about his art, bird research and travels.  He will also offer a Bird Drawing & Journaling Workshop on Saturday, September 23rd, from 1:00 – 4:00pm, in conjunction with Smithsonian Museum Day.  Please contact RTPI for more information about these events.


To learn more about Neil Rizos, his art and travels, please visit his website at www.rizosart.com.

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