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Winter Trails Cell Phone Tour

It’s that time of year – fire up the snowmobiles and venture down the snow covered county trails! Before you jump on your sled, be sure to grab your cell phone as it may help you learn something new about our particularly unique geographical region. This season the Snowmobile Clubs of Chautauqua County’s trails, including Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile ClubEllery Sno-CruisersLake Effect Trail BreakersCherry Creek Sno-Goers and Sunset Drifters, will feature an interactive, self-guided cell phone tour created and maintained by us at RTPI. Thirty tour stops, indicated by signs like the one below, have been scattered across the 450+ mile trail system, forming multiple tour loops to choose from when planning a ride. Anyone hiking, walking, skiing, or running on the winter trails can enjoy this tour regardless of snowmobiler status.

Tour Sign (2)

Each stop will feature fascinating information related to the natural history of the area or to a historical happening. The tour will also feature local businesses that are near each individual stop, allowing riders access to business hours and other helpful information. You’ll be able to access the audio recording for each location with any type of cell phone. Smartphone users will have access to mobile web information containing pictures and video related to every stop

How do you access the tour? On any cell phone you can dial the number provided on the sign and enter the stop number when prompted. Smartphone users can scan the QR code* on the sign and your mobile web browser will bring you to the tour webpage. Here you may access the audio files, pictures and/or video included for the stop. The tour is free** for all cell phone users.

*Smartphone users intending to scan the QR code must have a QR code reader app. If your phone is not already equipped with one there are free scanners available to download on nearly any applicable device.

**Standard minute usage may apply.

See this video for further instructions on downloading and using a QR code reader app.

Don’t have time to ride the whole tour or can’t access them in order? The tour can be started from any stop number, and you can ride to all of the stops or to only a few.

Not a snowmobiler? That’s OK! The tour is accessible to all outdoor enthusiasts on the trails. Simply dial the number or scan the QR code provided on the sign to receive material for each stop.

See you on the trails!

Our thanks go out to the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and Cummins plus the following sponsors for making this project possible:

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Zahm & Matson

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