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Current Exhibits

“The Extinct Birds Project” by artist Alberto Rey

Bachman’s Warbler by Alberto Rey inspired by Specimen in RTPI Collection

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History (RTPI) will present a new exhibition by artist Alberto Rey this fall.  The Extinct Birds Project will be featured at RTPI from August 17th – December 14th and will include 18 original works by the artist.  The Project also includes a new book by Rey, along with programming in partnership with RTPI.

“Extinct Birds Project” book cover designed by Jason Dilworth

The 208-page, full-color Extinct Birds Project publication, that accompanies the exhibition, is a collaboration between Rey and designer Jason Dilworth, and examines collecting practices, causes for extinction and the politics of categorizing endangered species.  It also includes specific information about eighteen extinct bird specimens and their collectors as well as an overview of our status as we stand on the brink of the next mass extinction period.  Eighteen bird skins were selected for inclusion into the initial painting series and book.  These species were curated by variety in size, global reach, popularity and reasons for extinction.

Back cover of the”Extinct Birds Project” book designed by Jason Dilworth

Alberto Rey is a painter, filmmaker, writer, fly fishing guide, distinguished professor and founder/director of a youth fly fishing program and he has been involved in environmental art for the past twenty years.  For more information, please visit www.albertorey.com and www.bagmatiriverartproject.com.

Jason Dilworth is an environmentally-conscious graphic designer, outdoorsman, cyclist and professor who works on global design projects.  For more information, please visit http://hiddenfrontiers.designersandforests.us  www.jasondilworth.com and www.bagmatiriverartproject.com.  Jason and Alberto have collaborated on several projects in the past including one on the Bagmati River in Kathmandu and are currently working with the United States Forest Service and Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History to document the good work being done by communities in New Mexico to protect the national forests.

Artist Alberto Rey in RTPI Archives with Collections Director Jane Johnson

Related Workshops and Events

October 2010-11 AM Bird skinning workshop at RTPI

October 2610 AM-2 PM Designers & Forests Workshop

Designers & Forests is an international collaborative that explores the relationship between rural communities and the forests that surround them, looking to find solutions to local problems. 

Design plays an important role in conservation efforts, helping to find new, lower impact, ways to deal with the natural environment. From product innovation to public outreach, design solutions help solve complex problems. 

Amongst other initiatives, Designers & Forests worked with artist Alberto Rey to design the book The Extinct Birds Project. Margaret Urban and Jason Dilworth, two of the members of Designers & Forests, will lead a workshop exploring ways to bring the wild into your backyard and discuss how Roger Tory Peterson could be considered one of conservation’s great designers. All skill levels welcome.

November 3: 10 AM-12 PM RTPI Grounds tour and drawing workshop

Stay tuned for more information on these exciting events!

Sponsorship opportunities available.

More information at www.extinctbirdsproject.com.