Painting Birds with Watercolor Class #1

In this 3 day workshop (Aug. 14, Aug. 21, and Aug. 28), we will be learning how to paint realistic and lifelike birds. We will go over the fundamentals of watercolor painting, with a strong focus on drawing. This workshop will cover color theory, composition, the different ways to use watercolor, and give you the skills to begin confidently painting birds (and other wildlife) using watercolor paint. We will begin using quick sketches to create gesture and movement, and will be utilizing thumbnails, studies, and practice paintings in order to problem solve. Students are encouraged to bring in their own bird references and photographs to create their own original bird painting. This workshop is great for artists of all levels! Beginners will learn the steps on how to start painting birds independently, intermediate artists will learn to further advance their watercolor technique and painting skills, and advanced artists will learn techniques to challenge and develop their painting practice.


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