Mangelsen Exhibition Extended to April 10, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that the Thomas D. Mangelsen: A LIFE IN THE WILD exhibition has been extended until April 10, 2022.

Originally scheduled to end just before the New Year, the exhibition will now be available for an additional three and a half months. The images on display are forty of Mangelsen’s best and were hand-picked by him from among the millions of images he has taken in his career. The image above is an excellent example of the caliber of Mangelsen’s images. Catch of the Day (above), taken in 1988, is often called the most recognized wildlife image ever captured.

We have arranged these images geographically, allowing the viewer to get a better sense of each ecosystem – both the place and the suite of species that live in that place. Thomas D. Mangelsen provides the stunning images that allow us to visualize and appreciate the organisms and the places.

During the month of January, RTPI will be fully open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you want to come see the current exhibition on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, just let us know in advance by calling to set up a time. In January, we will be fully closed on Sundays.

The Thomas D. Mangelsen: A LIFE IN THE WILD tour is managed by David. J. Wagner, L.L.C.