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Nature’s Birds, Bats, and Pollinators: Images by Sandra Rothenberg

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

Coinciding with the event “Loving Birds, Bats, and Pollinators: Why are They so Important to the Ecosystem?”, RTPI will present works by Sandra Rothenberg beginning March 16th. Sandra Rothenberg, PhD (Warren, PA) is a former psychotherapist who currently devotes her time to nature photography and teaching yoga. Just as psychology reveals the hidden aspects of the psyche and the unconscious, Sandra believes photography reveals the details of nature that might otherwise be missed. She particularly enjoys bat, bird, and macro photography. Sandra feels the closer you look, the more you see. The observer merges with the lens of the camera to become a witness to unexpected drama, stunning beauty, design, color, and form, all in relationship to the ever-changing light. As a psychotherapist, Sandra has had a long-standing interest in dreams and enjoys creating dream-like images. She is known for both her realistic and ethereal images. Each piece included in this exhibition is available for purchase. All proceeds from this exhibition are being generously donated to RTPI in support of our Art, Conservation, and Education programming.