ATTENTION: Exhibit changeover will be taking place April 15-19. The ground floor of the museum will be impacted but the museum will remain open. Thank you for your patience as we bring you a new exhibition.

Katerie Gladdys: Getting a Lay of the Land

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Artist Katerie Gladdys will discuss her projects Thy Neighbor’s Fruit and Coming Soon…, the latter of which is a collaboration with artist Douglas Barrett. With her art, Gladdys seeks to transform mapped landscapes and familiar interactions into alternative geographies that transmits her own sense of wonder in the ubiquitous, encouraging others to look more closely at what constitutes their everyday existence.

Gladdys creates installations, sculptures, and performance art which examine how we create a sense of place. Her practice is informed by research in geography, environmental studies, forestry, ethnography, agriculture (specifically food systems), and community activism. She sees community as both a resource for the creation of knowledge and scholarship, and an opportunity to engage with contribute to society