Painting Birds with Watercolor II taught by Joseph Grice

In this workshop, held over 3 consecutive Sundays, September 29th, October 6th, and October 13th, local artist Joseph Grice will teach you how to paint realistic and lifelike birds, with students completing a single original painting over the course of three classes. This class is meant for students who have taken prior watercolor workshops from Joe or have some experience with watercolors and would like to advance their skills in painting lifelike birds in watercolor.

Classes will expand upon many of the same concepts as Joe’s beginner class and explore some slightly more advanced techniques. Students will explore using composition to create a painting, with priority being placed on color and value. The first class will focus on compositional thumbnails for the final piece.  Classes will also cover using form, texture, patterns, and lighting to create lifelike bird paintings. Students will need to bring in their own bird references and photographs to create their own original bird painting. Concepts covered in the class will also be applicable to other mediums outside of watercolor.

Access the materials list HERE.

Bio: Joseph Grice is a wildlife illustrator currently working in Jamestown, NY. He earned his BFA from SUNY Fredonia in 2010 and has taught art at Infinity Visual & Performing Arts in Jamestown, and at Holt School of Fine Art in Charlotte, NC. He began painting watercolor birds as his primary subject matter in 2016, a tribute to his childhood where he grew up watching birds and spending time studying the Roger Tory Peterson Field Guide.

He has since further developed his bird series and his appreciation for all wildlife. After relocating back to Jamestown in 2019, he developed his use of other media to include oil, gouache, and digital painting. His current work pushes his techniques and explores light and dark, limited color palettes, and movement. The common theme of this work is focused on nature and wildlife.

Visit Joeseph Grice’s website HERE.