Art that Matters to the Planet 2022

Art and science are tools which we use to understand our world. By considering both, artists are able to envision new ways to raise awareness about environmental issues and shape a more sustainable future. It is with this in mind that the Roger Tory Peterson Institute is inaugurating an annual juried exhibition at the nexus of art and science. The inaugural exhibition seeks to discover the meaning of the phrase “Art that Matters to the Planet.”

Art that Matters to the Planet isn’t your typical exhibition. We invited each selected artist to collaborate to create an exhibition that best describes their artistic process. These artists are exhibiting finished works, preparatory drawings, and field sketches. Accompanying narratives, photographs and videos are important for some, not so much for others. Whatever it takes to help you, the audience, understand how and why each artist uses art to illuminate the beauty of nature, challenge us to confront environmental issues of regional, national or global concern; and inspire us to preserve the earth’s biodiversity.

In other words, in a world of exceptional natural beauty and overwhelming environmental challenges, these artists are making a strong case that art not only matters, but it is essential for creating a better world.