Art that Matters to the Planet: Interconnectivity

Inspired by the emerging science and insights of Suzanne Simard (Finding the Mother Tree) and Peter Wohlleben (The Hidden Life of Trees), Art that Matters to the Planet 2023: Interconnectivity, explores the underground network of tree roots, and how communication and nutrient sharing helps trees to thrive. Highlighting the connectivity of trees serves as an analogy for interconnected relationships in creating strong communities. With anthropomorphic roots, paintings of lively underground societies, and reflections on the important role of trees in our lives, the exhibition will encourage us to discover connections between our own relationships and those within the natural world.

Artists featured in this exhibit include: George LorioJack Elliott , Brendan Quirk, Sallie Lowenstein, Pamela CasperKelsey GilmoreGayle Fichtinger, Cynthia Martinez, Susan Martin MaffeiMargaret LeJeuneMichele BrodyIan Campbellelin slavickEllen DriscollLaura Ahola-YoungPamela SloanMeredith NemirovNeshama RoashAudrey DowlingWendy BaleNoah DiRuzzaCyrena NouzilleTrine BumillerBette Kauffman, Kaycee Colburn

Thank you to Shults Auto Group and Cummins Inc. for sponsoring Art that Matters to the Planet