ATTENTION: Exhibit changeover will be taking place April 15-19. The ground floor of the museum will be impacted but the museum will remain open. Thank you for your patience as we bring you a new exhibition.

Roger Tory Peterson Institute—Art that Matters to the Planet: Interconnectivity

“This summer, in my happy place at Roger Tory Peterson Institute, curator extraordinaire Maria Ferguson has brought together works from some my favorite local artists, as well as, new to me artists that reflect the Interconnectivity between human existence and the natural world from the roots of time to the present day. I call this phenomenon “Tree Spirit”. For me it is an accurate expression for the very essence of what is best about life here in Jamestown and throughout the Southern tier. It is our human recognition of our interconnectivity to and our historical reverence for, the natural world around us that makes living here an incomparable joy. We strive as a community to keep pace with progress and economic growth while remaining ever conscious of our ecological responsibilities.”

You can read the rest of Darlene’s article here.