Kevin Ebi: Five Minutes in Nature

Five Minutes in Nature reintroduces us to nature’s wonder. The grandeur of a sunrise, the soothing patterns of ripples on the water, the intricate melodies of a songbird — beauty is all around us, although our attention is usually diverted elsewhere. With mindful attention to the world around us, Five Minutes in Nature connects us to the healing power of the natural world. Inspired by the use of color and light in Impressionist and Hudson River School paintings, Kevin Ebi creates photographs that are intended to transport the viewer to a single moment and place, embodying the power and serenity of things great and small in the natural world. This exhibition draws from Ebi’s nearly 25 years of work, featuring images that express the tranquility of the natural world.

The exhibition will be accompanied by Ebi’s Five Minutes in Nature project, which provides quick mindfulness activities to help connect people to the nature they pass by every day.

Featured artwork: Kevin Ebi, White-crowned Sparrow on Lupine, photograph.

You can view more of Kevin’s work here.

This exhibition is proudly sponsored by G.L. Olson, Inc.